Trade of the Devil

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Trade of the Devil

It’s an open fact that I am a Red Devil.

It was in the spring of 1989 that I was attracted by to the footballing marshal of the one and only Bryan Robson, the “Captain Marvel” of the Three Lions. He is not your typical football genius in the like Pele or Maradona or Cantona but industriously driven to cover from box to box with a defined winning attitude (this explains my subsequent liking of another cult hero in Old Trafford in the mould of Roy Keane). He is also not typical in not playing for Liverpool the team of the 80’s. He played for Manchester United, the Red Devils.

Triggering my initial interest in football is one but sustaining my continued devotion to the course of the Devils is none other than the Gaffer, Sir Alex Ferguson, who has been in the Boss for United for the last 25 years and counting. His achievements are so unprecedented that largest stand in Old Trafford is now named after him.

In the last day of 2011, he celebrated his 70th birthday as motivated as ever. He is Manchester United personified and his wisdom is embedded in every thread that weaved the fabric of the club. He is a role model for everything a successful leader is all about and here is a dissect of his many trades among others…

Trade #1 – Identify yourself with your brand! Be the ‘Keeper of the Temple’!

Trade of the Devil 1

Trade #2 – Hone your strongest character trait into a weapon! Use your version of a ‘Hairdryer’ to your advantage!

Trade of the Devil 2

Trade #3 – Cultivate every interest group inside your organisation and win them over. Worry less about outsiders, journalists and referees are not on top of his Christmas list..

Trade of the Devil 3

Trade #4 – Gather information everywhere! Barclay writes that perhaps nobody in football attends more funerals… Make friends even with your enemies!

Trade of the Devil 4

Trade #5 – Seek total control, but recognise when you cannot have it! ‘Control, Managing Change. And Observation.’

Trade of the Devil 5

Trade #6 – Do not let other people causes you stress! “People (always) want to get into your space. (But) only YOU decide who gets into your space.”

Trade of the Devil 6

Trade #7 – Remember Crisis blow over. Never discount the time factor and never adjust your strategy just because of a crisis (as it will pass on naturally).

Trade of the Devil 7

Trade #8 – Always be unsatisfied! “The sweetest moment for me is the last minute of a victory. After that it drains away quickly. The memory’s gone in half an hour. It’s like a drug, really.” Have a target that you never want to meet!

Trade of the Devil 8

These are just a few of his trade of the devil to share and knowing the devil himself, you can go on and on and still not able to outsmart the devil…

At the end of the day, how evil can the devil be when the devil claimed to be a devil in the first place? That’s RIGHT!

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