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Sell Fish?

One of my earliest and most primitive enlightenment on life came to me when I was at a tender age of 15.

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I learned that everyone is selfish even the most reverend of prophets, the most religious of spiritual leaders, the most dignified of revolutionaries and the most generous of philanthropists! I have even included God the almighty (in whatever name we called him) in this equation.

All these are based on one simple ‘conspiracy’ theory that whatever acts of benevolence and good deeds that were done or to be done in OUR best common interest moving forward are nothing but a cover-up to ask you to buy in to what I am selling!

An act of conversion is nothing more than a chronic syndrome of a fatal disease code named “BLM”. Or simply an assumption that the world could be a better place if only each and every one of YOU can all “Be Like Me”.

This is exactly where an expectation is created consciously or unconsciously. When you expect, you impose at the same time. With that, you have just made your life a little harder than it is.

In fact, I realised now that you can never rule out expectation all together. It is indeed extremely hard not to expect any form of return when you are doing some good deeds, even a simple compliment to condone your serving soul cannot be expected in the strictest sense…

Again, we can always redefine our expectation to make it easier on ourselves. This is certainly within us. Our expectation must be ‘BIG’ enough to accommodate the ‘SMALLest’ of result without any discrimination or distortion. Think the Ocean, it is great because it accommodate the biggest of rivers to even a single rain drop from the sky without any condition. That’s RIGHT!

Sell Fish 2

Therefore instead of “Be Like Me”, you invite everything else to “Be Part of the Greater Me” to enhance you like the ocean. You allow the diversity to enrich your greatness. Selfish it may seems but in an unselfish manner that celebrate rather than eliminate.

So, it seems that my primitive enlightenment still holds some truth but it had certainly evolved to be more tenable for me NOW.

YES, I am (still) asking you to BUY what I am selling… It is just that I am now generous enough to take whatever your price to be!

The upside of being selfish? Your self-centred approach will ultimately lead you to the enlightenment that you are so powerful to do (or not do) to bring forth the change you so desired. The question is only how long does it take to reach such enlightenment. That’s RIGHT!

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