Just completed the first CA ‘Team Buiding’ event of 2012, I got a firm reassurance that we have a great bunch that is ready to grow together.

Reassurance 1

I knew it even before this event but still pleased with the reassurance that I observed from how CAtizens taking on the challenges placed before them.

Often when we are in the game, we tend to focus on our shortcomings and easily distracted by our competition. We take our strengths for granted and started to think that it’s where everyone else starts too. The truth is the no one is ever the same thus to think that a fair game is the basic expectation is just a fallacy.

Reassurance 2

Instead we fail to realise the game changer is in the parameters that we failed again to question and examine. They are many assumptions planted in between the lines to achieve the objectives the game master has decided for all participants. You, of course, made a conscious decision to participate for your own objective.

Reassurance 3

Again, this is where your objective got shaken when things does not happened the way you want it as you encountered in the early stages of the game. You soon forgot your objective and start to fall into the objectives set by the game master instead. You will be lost then and fail to recover to finish the game in the way YOU want it!

Reassurance 4

A reassurance is therefore a good sign that your objective for participating in the game is intact. It is not a sign of insecurity because even LETTING GO needs to start from a position of HANGGING ON! It is in fact a sign that you are ready to let go!

Then, the old question of how much reassurance in enough?

Reassurance is a continuing process to keep up with the ever-changing circumstances. In another way, reassurance can never be enough as long as it keeps you going and not stopping you!

Reassurance 5

By the way, one thing I can assure you is that how you do anything is how you do everything! Never take a game lightly! That’s RIGHT !

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