Better Late than NEVER!

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Better Late than NEVER!

Someone asked me whether it will ever be too late to change what you have been working at for a substantial period of time.

My answer is simply that there is never too late for anything as long as you know what you want and standby your decision to change.

But wouldn’t it be a waste if you have work on it for a long time and now take a sudden U-turn? I guess waste is defined as what you do not want for a reason, it will not be wasted if it is what you want!

What’s the point of getting there if the destination is not what you desired? You hold the sterling wheel thus you decide your destiny!

Perhaps when Bill Gates said ‘Life is Not Fair, Accept It!’, he did not bother you with the rationale.

Here is my take – if our finishing lines are all different, why do we need to be fair?

Here is a better one – don’t we all forgotten that we all have a different starting line too?

The law of nature already confirm that in its many creations. Nothing in the natural world is ever created the same and nothing is symmetrical too! The socialist ideology can never be a sustainable proposition as there cannot be equal treatment for all.

Better Late than Never

‘Life is Beautiful’ because it is not fair! The world is such a boring place if everything is fair and square.

Here’s another take of the same coin: You will always be happy with what you have in the long run provided that you have DECIDED among all your options and stick by it. You will never be happy knowing you have a CHOICE that you have yet to explore. Go and act on what doesn’t feel right for you…

Interestingly, make sure you have no choice and your MIND will start to make what you have BEAUTIFUL!

YES. better late than never. Trust me, in the eternal pursuit of happiness, late is always relative!

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