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LIFE Spectacular

When I first put on a pair of glasses to aid my reading of those tiny words in the law reports, a strange question popped up in my mind.

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Do you have perfect vision when you dream or are you seeing your dream though the frame of you spectacles just like when you are awake? My curiosity drove me to pop this question to every person I met spotting a pair of glasses hanging over their nose.

LIFE Spectacular 2

Almost all of them did not realise of this small fact when they dream in their sleep and almost all of them realise afterward that they all have perfect vision in their dream. I suppose a blind person would have a perfect vision in their dream too perhaps in a way you and I cannot comprehend but perfect vision nonetheless.

I thought it was a fun fact that I have discovered and that’s about it. Little that I know, it did not went away at all.

Especially when I shared my interesting collection of spectacles and how I used it as a fashion statement based on my feel of the day, I use spectacles as a metaphor to convey a message about our unique background, values and experiences encapsulating in our tailor-made pair of glasses of which we each see the world through.

LIFE Spectacular 3

My frequent change of spectacles is a reminder that the world is distorted one way or another to fit into the frame of the pair of the glasses that you put on. Most people have only one pair of glasses and refuse to take it down for a new pair let alone asking them to put on the spectacles that the other is wearing.

The fact is that your vision is as big and as wide as your eye lids can open and never trapped yourself within the boundaries of spectacles frames that your mind has built to protect you. You are powerful enough to see beyond your pair of glasses!

LIFE Spectacular 4

After all, seeing is not everything and you don’t necessarily see with your eyes only! Keep walking…

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