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Happily Ever After?

There are peoples who “found” their place too early in life and refuse to venture further and start to be protective of what they thought it’s theirs forever.

There are also peoples who never settled with what they had and have and still venture further in hope and in search only to find out that their peace took residence in the movements. As a result, when moves become constant, the pattern becomes the landing place.

When we look for that space and place, it’s nothing physical and nothing material. You could be sitting somewhere, it’s that split second that you are waiting for no one and looking for nothing that energizes you to keep moving. Everything is perspective; if the Elephant with the broken chain refuse to move from her space it is because it all started with her long struggle to get out from the chain in the first place. Time has been unconsciously thrown into the equation too.

You could be sitting in the city but hearing the forest. Time to get lost and let it go (yes sing it!)…

We are, after all, storytellers and traders of experiences… Make yourself a damn good one channeling the stories that comes through you from time to time…

Do it when you want it, do not wait until you really need it! Making decision is powerful and dealing with the consequences is what really empowered you. You can be making the best lemonade from the lemons thrown to you but ask whether do you still want after all the lemons that you need, it’s an art to master in asking what you really want…

Happily Ever After 1

In any team sports, there is always only one ball for the whole load of players chasing it. We all seem to know what to expect and do when we have the ball but we are lost when we don’t. We never seems to take interest in the “happily ever after” part beyond the fairly tale as it was taken for granted. Snow White and his Prince Charming would have spent most of their life in the part after the fateful kiss that dispelled the evil curse. We are not trained to appreciate the everyday affairs of Snow White where she could have the bigger challenges dealing with her routine rather than the accident that defines her. We have to start learning how to appreciate life without the “ball” that take up the majority in our process of “living”. Snow White could ends up worst than the evil queen when she is no longer the “fairest of them all”. The mirror of the wall could never lie?

Happily Ever After 2

The truth is no one ever just lived a glorious life through and through. Down times only happened when you start comparing with the heights of the good times. We are trained to then seek refuge in comparing our downs with other. How can we ever progress if all we are conditioned to do is just compare without really understand the relativity? We seem to invest too much emotion in the results not knowing we have failed to do what we can when we are not having the ball.

Perhaps, “happily ever after” is the real curse of Snow White? That’s RIGHT!

Happily Ever After 3

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