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Shake and spear the Chicken and Egg!

Whenever you are given the chicken and egg question, you are invited to jump in into an exercise of justification of which one comes first. Almost without fail, you could never walk out of it with a definite answer.

Most often, this urge of justification seems to be the pattern of our life now with science being the underlying logic of our accepted community wisdom and formal education. We are rewarded for questioning things but the problem is that we are expected to have answer too. Most often again, the answer is just the accepted assumption of the day by the majority of people that represents the widest possible extent of human intelligence of that material time. Once upon a time, our world was flat until we all agree that our world is round covering the spherical globe shape of planet Earth that move in a certain direction on its own and in another way surrounding the Sun in what we know now as the Solar System. Who knows what the world will be in the unknown future? All you need is the buy in of the mainstream majority.

Of course, there is also the spiritual side of things that govern all the unknowns, all that defying the scientific logic beyond the accepted justification of the mainstream majority. As science is making great progress in most of the things that matters to us to the extent we take it for granted without questioning, the remaining unknown becomes so glaring and attracts our fears. Justification is the black hole that suck in everything within the horizon and you are still lost.

Here’s the good news for you, whether you choose chicken first or egg first. It’s both the same, you are both right and you are both wrong at the same time. You are stuck as you are taught all your life that there are no reward for getting it wrong. The spiritual side of things place more values in making it right than getting it right.

Perhaps next time when you are given chicken and egg again, you are to decide and walk out with a definite decision, and not a definite answer. Decision allows you to move while answer might not necessarily move you. Answer is just another information that require your decision again before you take the next step.

So, here the sequence if you so insist: justification is for the past, answer is for the present and decision is to determine the future! That’s RIGHT!

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