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First, let’s get the question right…

Let me take these questions that have been in my mind for sometimes now that I have yet to find the answer for. Am I the bottleneck of my own organization? Is this the best I can do in leading my team to glory? Have I realized the full potential of the many talents at my disposal? 

Now that I have wrote it all out and it is staring back at me, it becomes clearer to me that perhaps I have taken up too much on my shoulder on my own while I am in fact addressing the needs and wants of a community of many diversities that have come together over the years as the ever evolving one. Who am I to judge and who am I to take on these responsibilities. What does it means to me even if I know the answers for sure. So if the answer is yes to the 3 counts, it would be logical for me to step aside to make way to those who want to and who can step up and lead. What do I do if no one else wants to step up? Stop asking the questions if whatever answers that eventually come out will not be useful to you. 

May be these are not the questions for me to answer alone but for the team to answer collectively. Even then, it is still not relevant if you think a little further and explore a little deeper. 

Perhaps, the better question is simply “how to take the team to the next level?” and stop worrying about the other who, what, why and when. Eventually there will be people stepping up, circumstances changing, dots connecting if only you keep trusting. Even if your trust has been breached in the process, trust even more than before as it might be a sign that you have not trusted enough. Trust unconditionally to the extent it touches the Universe that it will move all the perceived horizons to align the stars for you. 

Increase the intensity of your trust to the extent that what others think of it matter not as you are too occupied trusting the resources before you. 

Am I confused between trust and belief? Not at all, belief is personal and it should be a given that you are born with a superpower to do anything that you have set your mind and heart into. Trust on another hand, is on the peoples, things and circumstances that are beyond you and believe that you will have ability to choose to move on and to step forward regardless of the outcome.

Whatever happened happened; whatever still yet to happen is up for grab! That’s the realm of motivation, that’s RIGHT! 

You cannot possibly pleases everyone but you can keep define and redefine who is in your “everyone” 🙂 

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