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Believing is Seeing…

Believing is Seeing...

In my classic metaphor sharing on my ever increasing collection of spectacles (driven by choice and to a certain degree now by necessity as I have also developed shortsightedness as I age), we all see our world with our very unique set of values filter having processed the simultaneous construction with the signals that we received from our limited 5 senses while acknowledging no two worlds are ever exactly the same for the exact the same reason. Perhaps it is true that indeed it is believing is seeing and not as we commonly put it the other way round.

Like the dog that the chase after the ball, we often put out aloud a prophecy and then do our level best to fulfil it with our usual armour in affirmative justification. We throw the ball and we chase after it, we enact the entire drama that we first conceived inside of us.

That’s why there is a saying that everything happens twice, for the one in reality is a mirror of what we have already constructed in our mind. Your mind at the subconscious level is a loyal and faithful servant to you as the ultimate master and will do whatever it takes to fulfill all your wishes with even your slightest hint that it can read and detect. There is an entire army at that subconscious level at your command, ever ready to go to the toughest battle at a wink of your eves.

When you look at the mirror in the morning for the first time, be conscious of your expression to that man in the mirror, as your army is waiting for your first command of the day before immediately executing a winning strategy to achieve your desire and setting your tone accordingly for the rest of the day. In another word, if you think the world is bad place, you are right! If you think the world is a fantastic place, you are also right! Since you are always right just as you will always see what you believed in, make the most out of this opportunity to manipulate this massive army of yours only to your benefit. Simple secret, isn’t it?

On the same token, “give and take” is give and take for it is an expectation that one needs to first give, before he can claim and take. Turn it around in “take and give” has almost no place in our communication. Hence JFK, ask not what your country can do for you (take) but ask what you can do for your country instead (give). Most often, we are too caught up with this silly question of “what’s in it for me?” and close our path to our rightful destiny.

The past year has been challenging for me and my team with a lot of shake ups and changes that we might not necessarily prepared for. We rolled up our sleeves, and we endured. We emerge together in the end, only stronger. Thank you Jack Ma, for your affirmation that the best talents are those who are in your team.

To the CAtizens that see through the year together, thank you for keeping the faith in CA as a going concern and we promise each other that we will only keep doing what we are good at, only better than yesterday.

To the CAtizens that have “graduated”, thank you for making the all important decisions to liberate us from your destiny. We have only well wishes for you in our separate journey now.

To the CAtizens that have just recently joined our rank, keep believing in us with your infectious enthusiasm and you will very soon see what you are believing in the new and stronger us with your inclusion. We are charting our common destiny back on track, together.

So, we have decided to do things differently this year by practising our new found meaning in “give and take”. We are declaring that 2018 our best year yet and will allocate all our available resources to fulfil this common prophecy of CAtizens. The energy cannot be stronger, I already knew that 2018 is going to be our best year and that stepping stone to things that are far more greater than what we can now only imagine in our mind. We know it will be amazing when it happened the second time for real. The excitement is now in the execution, full heartedly and passionately, no question and no condition. We believe we have seen the promised land and we know that every step that we take now is always step closer to the milk and honey that we so desired.

Perhaps just like my physical shortsightedness that I have developed for a while now but only start to rectify it just recently, I was too sentimental to maintain the usefulness of my then existing collection of spectacles by sacrificing my right to see clearly, refusing to let go of a status quo that is no longer tenantable only to preserve an already broken fairytale. I was drifting with no definiteness of purpose with the circumstances taking charge of me.

I am now glad that I have decided that I am entitled to see clearly when I know I can, and I took action. The result is another amazing collection with greater potential than the one that

I have consciously decide to let go amidst much delay.

Believing is Seeing...

It’s a new now now in 2018. I have decided not to look back as there are so many great things to look forward. From the simple secret revealed earlier, I know I am gonna be alright starting with the brightest smile possible to that man in the mirror every single morning. That’s RIGHT!

It’s time for you to take charge of your circumstances too!

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