The Golkeeper's List

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When I was young, I struggled to name who are my best friends. I used to cry alone at nights for the fact that I am always on everyone's list and never as the very first few names. It seems like I was always a good friend but not the best of friends. When I [...]

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LIFE Spectacular

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When I first put on a pair of glasses to aid my reading of those tiny words in the law reports, a strange question popped up in my mind. Do you have perfect vision when you dream or are you seeing your dream though the frame of you spectacles just like when you are awake? [...]

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Better Late than NEVER!

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Someone asked me whether it will ever be too late to change what you have been working at for a substantial period of time. My answer is simply that there is never too late for anything as long as you know what you want and standby your decision to change. But wouldn't it be a [...]

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Just completed the first CA 'Team Buiding' event of 2012, I got a firm reassurance that we have a great bunch that is ready to grow together. I knew it even before this event but still pleased with the reassurance that I observed from how CAtizens taking on the challenges placed before them. Often when [...]

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Sell Fish?

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One of my earliest and most primitive enlightenment on life came to me when I was at a tender age of 15. I learned that everyone is selfish even the most reverend of prophets, the most religious of spiritual leaders, the most dignified of revolutionaries and the most generous of philanthropists! I have even included [...]

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The End?

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First it was Y2K that inspires Prince (or whatever his name or symbol that he now claimed to be) for his version of “1999”… (We’re runnin’ out of time…) Yet, life goes on… Then it was the unimaginable 911 in 2001 where the human civilization is under attack driven by terror… Yet, life goes on [...]

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Trade of the Devil

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It’s an open fact that I am a Red Devil. It was in the spring of 1989 that I was attracted by to the footballing marshal of the one and only Bryan Robson, the “Captain Marvel” of the Three Lions. He is not your typical football genius in the like Pele or Maradona or Cantona [...]

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Open Letter to CAtizens

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“CAtizens, Assemble! Once we set our sight to be “Out of this World”, the Moon has always been our most obvious target! President Kennedy once said that the Moon was chosen because it's HARD and befitting of a real challenge to the ultimate American dream. We are inspired in the same way and made the [...]

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Confession of a Pilgrim

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… Before Here I am sitting on a Virgin train to Manchester and I am excited naturally as I am edging closer to my version of 'Holy Trinity'. As a United Fan since 1989, life is never complete without a trip to Old Trafford - the Theatre of Dreams! In fact, I was telling myself [...]

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The Onion Patriotism

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It's that time of the year again that you just feel that little bit more patriotic if you are in this region of South East Asia. Malaysia celebrates its independence along with her neighbours Indonesia and Singapore just weeks apart. You cannot help but to question what have we learned as an independent nation. What [...]

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