Let's go outside…

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If education is an equaliser as most of you would strongly suggest, technology is certainly an 'enabler'. Well, for a start, this is now 'written' in my all new albino BlackBerry (in white colour and how I like this Paradox of terms) just as I woke up in the middle of the night with a [...]

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Entrepreneurship In The Global Village

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I have written this on the day I turned 30 a few years ago; it is still relevant as I was reading it again… enjoy! “In a nutshell, the hard facts discovered are that most entrepreneurs start with dreaming of ideas and working on it; they fall into it mostly by circumstances, obtain money from [...]

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Perfect 10

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“How many 10 years do you have in your life?” that’s a famous quote by a nothing-to-lose character from a Hong Kong series that many adore recently… Indeed, the answer is only too obvious to each and every one of us. 10 years of anyone’s life is pricelessly substantial. Something important happened in my life [...]

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Give a Chance

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“When you give other a chance, you are in fact giving one to yourself!” Just got back from watching a locally produced Chinese movie known as “Ice Kacang Puppy Love”, it is indeed a rare deed in every sense (from it being a Malaysian flavoured Chinese Movie to obeying my spontaneous urge to watch a [...]

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The End is Near?

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When I am younger (not that I am really old now), I adored ideas like infinity, endless, timeless, limitless that all attribute to the big perfect picture from being invincible and to even immortal. All these give you hope as they is really nothing you can’t do and the world is full of possibilities as [...]

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Management Journal – February 2010

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When I was growing up; often I felt small amongst my peers. I came short of most of the parameters that commonly used to measure greatness for people of my age then, whether it is imposed by the older generation or peers of our same age group. Among others, big talk, sophistication and creativity have [...]

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Management Journal – January 2010

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The practice of time recording and date keeping are just the brilliance on mankind in identifying the law of nature. The message behind is simple, I think. There is an end to everything and after that there is another new one begins. Having an end makes everything more beautiful while having a new one immediately [...]

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Management Journal – December 2009

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MJ1209 – SOS - Asking for help? I learned recently that “I can only help to the level that I know how to ask for the same help in the first place.” This seems simple enough but it is at the same time hard to come to term with the real meaning of these words. [...]

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Management Journal – November 2009

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Can you TRY to read this? Shame on you, you are not TRYING because you are actually reading this already. The truth is that you did not even TRIED, you did it straight away without hesitation. You see when you are very confident about reading (or doing anything for that matter), you read without TRYING! [...]

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Management Journal – September 2009

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Fly Me to The Moon So they said, only 10% of businesses survived the first 5 years. So we are only too pleased to have celebrated our “Hi5” in style last year. We made the cut. So they said again, only 10% out of the same 10% would survive the next 5 years. So we [...]

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