• It’s hard not to judge a book by its cover when you pick up a copy of ‘Turning GREEN’! The colour scheme couple with the title, you are absolutely forgiven to think that we have yet another book on the trendy GREEN agenda today. But then again, the playful design of this book also hinted to you not to take it so seriously as it also resemble a product sitting perfectly at the Games section next to Sudoku or the classic Snakes and Ladders. It is not environmental but rather environ”MENTAL”! It aims to address the soft part that the ultra superficial GREEN agenda today tends to neglect. While driving Hybrid and eating Organic with nominal carbon footprint are both important for a sustainable living of human civilisation in honour of mother earth, little effort has gone into having a sustainable attitude towards the softer things that are more important in your life. What about the sustainability of your relationships? The one you have with your businesses, your friends, your teams, your loved ones, your family, your children, your siblings, your parent, your spouse and the most often neglected – YOURSELF. ‘Turning GREEN’ aims to address all these through the 38 isolated chapters of sharing by the Green Sugar Merchant! The book is designed to resemble a stack of playing cards. The message is simply that life is like games of cards. You cannot control which card you draw next but you can certainly decide what to do with the cards in your hand depending on the name of the game that you are playing. Having the best cards does not guarantee success; while having the worst cards is not the end of world either. In ‘Turning GREEN’, Chris shares with you how he made the most out of the cards in his hand and you can bet that he did not have the best of cards. Otherwise, there is no point ‘Turning GREEN’! Once you start reading, there is no turning back, only ‘Turning GREEN’! … and reading the book is just step one as the journey continues at Green Sugar Merchant
  • This book is written in a light and simple manner coupled with diagrams and pictures in guiding you with the legal requirements to draft a Will in Malaysia. It also comes with a series of Frequently Asked Questions that you always wanted to know but too "shy" to ask. By making plans now through a Will, you get it out of the way at an early stage; where you can channel less emotion.
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    此书为在寻得心仪美屋前后面临种种文件和问题而感到茫然,毫无头绪的购房者捎来佳音。购房如战场,如果一不小心下错了一步棋,后果则不堪设想。陈佐彬律师为了让普罗大众在购房的旅途里能够百战百胜,而撰写的最新著作“购房彬法”,定能为购房者在购房时打下了一支强心针。 “购房彬法”里的“彬法”谐音“兵法”,说明了此书更像一本陈佐彬律师为购房者而撰写的“孙子兵法”以让购房者能在购房前后部署相应的对策。所谓知己知彼,百战百胜,唯有清楚了解自身的权益和将会面对的问题才能防患于未来。 对于政府下令的新政策,国会通过的新法令而感到不知所措?此书将所有复杂的购房程序和购房者在购房前后时常面对的问题简单化并以轻松又不失庄严的姿态呈现于人们使购房者更简单明了购房程序。 “购房彬法”分为九个不同的章节,每个章节说明了购房者在购房时而需要注意的不同事项如了解如何保护自己的权益,公寓住户必备知识,买卖费用等。此书结集了陈佐彬律师为马来西亚各重大中文媒体而撰写的专栏内容并加入了陈佐彬律师专门为购房者提供的“后记”让购房者知道最新的买卖程序和应注意的事项。
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    *This book was published on year 2014, due to the updating policy, some of the contents might need to clarify again. If you have purchased this book and need any advice or verification, feel free to contact us at 03-7982 5618.*
    This is your ultimate guide in everything legal when you purchase your dream home in West Malaysia. Taking on the trend towards strata living, owning a house has never been made so easy. Knowing your fundamental rights is the first step towards living happily ever after.
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    For fear exists in the unknown and for complication grows on gaps, this is YOUR wholly book crafted by the Professionals but not for the Professionals. It is designed for YOU as a consumer or even a business owner not to loose sleep over the looming GST as a way of life moving forward in Malaysia. The content is carefully selected to cover not too little yet good enough for YOU to be the star on any casual conversation on GST. "G"rab your copy now, "S"hare with friends and "T"ake action! Face your fear and you shall have no fear...
  • 1 out of 4 Malaysians live in a strata development in Peninsular Malaysia, but no matter how much you pay for your property, there is no instruction manual that comes it. We all presume that we know how to live and use it until you reach a moment of “OMG”. Grab your copy of “O”wner’s “M”anual and “G”uidebook NOW to understand your rights and obligations as a strata homebuyer, you will start to enjoy the abundance of strata living.
  • Like a passionate love affair, business is emotional. Like Romeo & Juliet, business is a tragic romance where death (failure) ultimately reconciles the feuding families (thoughts). This book aims to explore the mindset within the world of business by busting common myths with real stories found in corporate Malaysia. With the charming storyteller in Freda Liu and the unconventional philosopher in Chris Tan leading the way, the abundance in perspectives will shake and spear your business like never before This is your key to moving up to a higher level.
  • This BLT project gathers the expertise of well-seasoned former Banker in Miichael, the hardly-conventional Legal practitioner in Chris and the Tax advisor in Richard to put their heads together to jointly develop a handy tool to take you through the entire cycle of property investment – the "Property Investment BLT" model. This first of its kind model starts with a useful checklist to let you ponder and ascertain clearly your investment objective for the identified investment opportunity. Upon which, you will be guided to answer some valid questions from the perspectives of Bank, Law and Tax from the initial planning and research, making the investment, the management as well as the eventual exit that complete your entire property investment experience.
  • 依据部长2012年12月的国会致词,每4个马来西亚国人就有1个居住在分层共管社区内。 因此,此书的诞生将让您更了解什么是分层房产和身为分层的住户,您的权利和责任是什么。 这也是Strata OMG (Owner’s Manual & Guidebook) 的华语版,同时也是第一本以億達法律办事处名义,和南洋商报联合出版的书籍。 马上订购吧,这将是您最好的住户说明手册…
  • *menurut ucapan di Parlimen pada bulan Disember 2012, 1 daripada 4 rakyat Malaysia menteri hidup dalam pembangunan strata di Malaysia. Belilah panduan ini, ia akan menjadi salah satu panduan yang terbaik dalam hidup anda.  
  • Yes, social media has been a great leverage but we're not the only ones using it. That space gets just as crowded if we don't learn to speak "louder", not just in volume but in our actions as well. How to speak in action? Get a copy and let Freda Liu shares with you... *Freda Liu is a producer and presenter on BFM 89.9 (, an independent and the only business radio station in Malaysia. She is the co-author with Chris Tan for the book "Shake & Spear Your Business - The Romeo & Juliet Way"
  • 《婚姻心法》

    婚姻心法 – 法律篇,潘敬懿 律师   著 (详情

    億達法律事务所之合伙人 2006年毕业於马来西亚国民大学(UKM)法学系。 自2007年开始专处理民事法庭案件,其中之一就是处理他人家庭事务:离婚,已有12年之久。 敬懿曾在南洋商报撰写与法律专业相关的专栏,也曾参与媒体的采访 AiFM,NTV7,8TV,南洋商报等。 “每一段婚姻的开始,都承载着千万吨的祝福;而一段必须被终结的婚姻,却附带着无数的未知和无助。婚姻格式上,法律可以给它画上句号;但是对每一对夫妻,那是人生回不去的经历。”   婚姻心法 – 心理篇,梁耀文 临床心理治疗师   著 划时代心理成长中心联合创办人,2008年起受训成为非盈利机构辅导义工, 耀文定期受邀为心理健康、两性关系节目访谈嘉宾。参与的媒体采访包括 Melody FM, AiFM, NTV7, 8TV, TV2, OnFM, Astro, 星洲日报与东方日报等。耀文曾于本地大专任职心理学兼职讲师,也曾为各国难民提供心理诊断与治疗服务。 “一段亲密关系是由“我”、“你“、和“我们”组成。而为个案进行心理治疗的过程也让作者体验到—“亲密关系其实是一个让我们寻找自己的过程”。当我们在关系中找到了自己,可以爱自己时,我们就能把这份爱伸展到我们的爱人,我们的关系。愿大家能在书里学习到如何了解自己、明白对方、稳住爱情!”