Shake & Spear Your Business – The Romeo & Juliet Way


Like a passionate love affair, business is emotional.

Like Romeo & Juliet, business is a tragic romance where death (failure) ultimately reconciles the feuding families (thoughts).

This book aims to explore the mindset within the world of business by busting common myths with real stories found in corporate Malaysia.

With the charming storyteller in Freda Liu and the unconventional philosopher in Chris Tan leading the way, the abundance in perspectives will shake and spear your business like never before

This is your key to moving up to a higher level.

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The book idea was spawned in 2014 when Freda Liu (who have been in Public Relation for most of her life, first working in an agency and then IBM and part time for broadcasting) was consulting with Chris Tan on a business venture that did not quite work out with a potential partner. The business idea was changed several times and the relationship got somewhat strained.

In the midst of it, both of them found out how personal and business relationships have a lot in common. Hence they decided to put their heads together to identify the common ground between business and romance by drawing on the most famous love story of all, Romeo & Juliet.

By reading this book, you would look at your business or career and give it a good shake to see what needs to be chaffed as you do with freshly harvested wheat – to separate the husks from the grain or the inferior from the superior. And by finding out what is superior, you can then refocus in your next goal with the eye of the tiger.

Hence, Shake & Spear!

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