The Wholly Book For Home Buyer

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*This book was published on year 2014, due to the updating policy, some of the contents might need to clarify again. If you have purchased this book and need any advice or verification, feel free to contact us at 03-7982 5618.*

This is your ultimate guide in everything legal when you purchase your dream home in West Malaysia.

Taking on the trend towards strata living, owning a house has never been made so easy.

Knowing your fundamental rights is the first step towards living happily ever after.

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10 reasons to own “The Wholly Book for Homebuyer”

  1. It’s Gold! It’s the bench mark of wealth and your best hedge against any inflation.
  2. It’s Wholly! All you need to know in Homebuying legally.
  3. It’s the Design! Formatting based on some of the most widel circulated holy books in history certainly make it reading friendly.
  4. It’s Life Changing! Owning a home is a lifelong commitment, you cannot just take it lightly.
  5. It’s Liberating! Jail break your way out of all the perceived complications, any easier you would have to write one yourself 🙂
  6. It’s the perfect Gift! Sharing is the best way to learn and you cannot drop a bigger hint to your partner to commit to a joint future by giving this book as a present 🙂
  7. It’s the Networking! Walking around town with this book in your hand will attracts celebrity like attention and like minded peoples to hook up for information sharing.
  8. It’s You! Obliging your basic needs of shelter cannot come any more natural than being rightly guided in buying your home.
  9. It’s the Wisdom! With this book in hand, you now read between the lines and smooth sailing within the processes with peace in mind.
  10. It’s the Talk of the Town! Property investment is probably the best pick up line now to start any conversation, wise up with the Wholly Book and spread the good news! You might just find that special one to share the home with 🙂


“To those who are engaged in commercial dealings, justice is indispensable for the conduct of business.” ~ Cicero

Buying a property is considered a vital part of modern living in an urbanised society. Whether someone is a homeowner, business owner, real estate magnate or merely interested in purchasing land as an investment, it is important to understand property law and, in particular, real property law.

With time, the world of real property business has become very competitive, rendered more intricate with complex regulations and financing models. For many, to comply with a myriad of federal, state, county and local laws defining both the obligations and restrictions can be a major anxiety. Nevertheless, the dynamic changes in regulations and governance are inevitable and in tandem with Malaysia’s progresses towards becoming a high-income developed nation.

In this, I wish to congratulate the Author, Chris Tan’s efforts to respond to a call in ‘making real estate simple and hassle-free’. The Wholly Book appeals to any would-be real estate purchaser, law student or any layman who wishes to better understand how to make an informed decision to buy or sell. This useful reference also sets out the relevant principles of legal protection and helps the readers understand the consequences and legal recourse in the realms of real estate.

Most importantly, it consolidates the practical aspects on real estate combined with real legal issues that do not suffer the complexities making property law devoid of ‘frill or fuss’; thus removing all anxieties to would be purchasers and sellers.
Ultimately, I trust that the readers will benefit from the Author’s extensive experience and wisdom transcribed in his thoughts and opinions he seeks to impart in this book.

Thank you.

Datuk Seri Dr K Govindan
Director, Malaysian Property Incorporated
Group Chief Executive Officer, RAM Holdings Berhad

On Chris Tan…

Everyone has a dream to own what they call “A Dream Home’, as one of the biggest investments in a person’s lifetime is to buy their first home. This fourth book from the talented Chris Tan, Founder and Managing Partner of Chur Associates, is a must-read book before pursuing your dream house.

Adding to his array of armory, Chris has published several exquisitely designed, page-turning books. His first, “Turning Green”, designed to resemble a stack of playing cards, shares a revolutionized model for sustainable business and life and ‘ The Most Wanted Series: Write A Will’ also a cleverly designed to look like a bounty advert, comprising important information on the aspects of drafting a will. Chris also published his first Chinese book in 2014 named “购房彬法” also known as ‘Chris’s Art of War” which was specifically penned to explain home buying procedures and problems encountered.

Legal practitioner by day, real estate guru by night – Chris previously assisted Dato’ Alan Tong as the World President of FIABCI (International Real Estate Federation) in 2005/2006, was presented the Medal of Honor for his exemplary services to FIABCI as well as being one of the youngest recipients of the award, and authoring his own column in The Star newspaper called ‘Real Legal” amongst other achievements.

Chris has left himself in a niche positioning, from Corporate Advisory to ‘Everything Real Estate’ serving the entire value chain from the upstream to downstream. This is why I applaud Chris’s effort to bring financial education to people who are looking into purchasing their dream house.
You are in for a treat! Chris Tan has always been my ‘go-to guy’ for any legal advice.
Always driven to provide user-friendly solutions for his clients, Chris is definitely one of the sharpest lawyer entrepreneurs in Asia.

From the most unconventional legal practitioner in town, this metaphorically named publication, The Wholly Book, a must read for those looking into making an informed decision purchasing your dream home. This book will cover various steps in the decision to purchase a home, and who better to advise you than Chris Tan.

May this book be another part of your lifelong process of gaining knowledge and understanding.

Joel Neoh
Head of Asia Pacific, Groupon
Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of 2012

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